With Altatek Consulting, we work with you to improve every aspect of your driving through data engineering and driver coaching utilizing your onboard vision. We can also give advice for better preparation in your car and assist in diagnosing and fixing any issues you may have on the day.

Driver Coaching

With one of our experienced team driver coaches, we can analyse your onboard vision and show you what you are doing right or wrong. We will work with you, providing circuit specific tips and overall driving technique advice that will ensure you are best prepared for your next session or race.

Engineering Consult

One of our experienced race engineers will delve deep into your data to help understand how you can improve your performance out on track. Our team will also work with you to provide insight on what the car is doing and aid in providing you with a promising setup direction.

Mechanic Consult

We can work with you on getting the absolute fundamentals on preparing and setting up your car before, during and after the events to make it more reliable and ensure you have mechanical peace of mind during a race weekend.  We have a mechanic on hand who can help with diagnoses of any issues and provide support with crash damage.

We have options available to suit a range of needs from one off sessions to season package deals. To find out more or to get a quote, please get in touch.

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