Fundementals of Driving a Race Car

This course is aimed at drivers with 0-5 years experience. It is perfect for those looking to transition from Kart to Car, or improve their skills at a junior level or club racing level.

This 12 week course will cover the following nine topics:


Throttle Application

Mid Corner Car Control

Maximising the Available Tyre Grip

The Racing Line

How to Learn a Track in 10 Laps



Race Craft

This course is designed around having a home simulator in which to practice your skills every week, with feedback provided by the team at Altatek on a twice weekly basis. A tailored practice program is provided ensuring the correct car and track combinations to compliment the skills being taught each week. There are however three different options for the delivery and intensity of this course.


Full Course

Altateks recommended option to get the most out of this course. As well as access to all of the videos, you will also recieve a one hour weekly one on one tuition session, and an end of week feedback report (approximately 750 words).

The one on one tuition session will take place by video conferencing, and data and video footage will be analysed, with recommendations given to further improve technique.

Total Video Time: 2h10m

Total Contact Time: 12h

Estimated Practice Time: 16h


Partial Course

A cost effective way to improve your laptime. You will receive access to all of the video content, and an end of week feedback report (approximately 750 words).

Total Video Time: 2h10m

Estimated Practice Time: 16h


Video Only

Access to all of the course video content, and training plan to follow on your simulator at home.

Total Video Time: 2h10m

Estimated Practice Time: 16h

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